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King Charles III will need to unite royal family, expert says

20 thoughts on “King Charles III will need to unite royal family, expert says

  1. He'll have to do more than that!! His TOP PRIORITY needs to be DISSOCIATING from WEF RESET. Until then he remains a dangerous enemy of the people.

  2. This is a HUGE and historic opportunity for the West to change. The so called West is being under attack. We forgot our values. Dying queen Elizabeth, dying economy, dying democracy must become the chance to create a new system of governship. In a symbolic level, the death of her Majesty is a great opportunity for the West to understand that this world we live in is dying. Right now. In front of us. Our financial system is no more functioning. Our democracies are no more functioning. Our societies are in cricis. Eastern societies gain wealth and power and Western people are becoming the victims of the History, of which they used to be the Winner in the past centuries. Now we are experiencing a difficult era in History. Either we change, either we decline. And noone of us wants to live in a world governed by Xi Jiping or Putin.
    We used to be creative. No we are in total misery. And China and Russia will take advantage of it. Why not?

    We must change our way of thinking. Our perspective. Our policies. Our lives. I suggest we strengthen our democracies rathen than cancel them and fall in love with popularism and dictatorship. I suggest every single citizen to take part in government. Through the transparency of the Internet, everyone should have the chance to take part in government and parliament. Different people in power everyday. No elections needed. We already know that elections dont satisfy people. People need to have the feeling that they are being heard. No government in the West hears carefully its voters. Every singe citizen must take part in their countries decision making mechanism every single day. We can create a rotation system. Different people in charge every day or week. In that way, we give people the opportunity to take action and responsibility for their own future and, at the same time, we force them to think about the next people coming to power the following day. This creates a team spirit. Responsibility for the strangers. For the opponents. We dont need a common enemy in order to become united. We must become mature cirizens. We must think one another. True democracy is possible nowadays. There is Internet. People can take decisions for their country using the transparency of the Internet. We must be more active citizents and less irresponsible protesters. We will take the responsibility for ourselves and for our children and for our political opponents' children, if we decide to change the government and parliament members every single day or week or month, so that everybody knows that someday they will govern or pass laws. Otherwise disappointment across western societies will grow further and social tensions, political instability and collapse of our societies (across Europe and America) will be on the news on a daily basis. Then dictators like Putin and Xi Jiping will come over. Do we want to surrender? Or do we want to change?

  3. From God and to God shall we return.. the end of colonialism and oppression worldwide.. the non-violence independence of every nation.. the wealth of nations for the people not just for the elites.. the true values of human and woman rights.. what's worth the biggest diamond laid underground.. but the legacy we leave behind.. may peace be upon all the righteous souls.. Allah is the Greatest.. the Most Forgiving the Most Merciful.. Ameen..

  4. It will be interesting to see how King Charles III will unite the Royal Family. Will that be welcoming back Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and his vile wife back in the Firm? Remains to be seen

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