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What are King Charles III’s views on the Middle East? | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

42 thoughts on “What are King Charles III’s views on the Middle East? | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

  1. It was British plan to give palestine to idsreal, give their lands back to them, only that will settle it down, stop the BS media PR shows for his publicity, their habds are deep in everyone's blood in Palestine

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  3. I would prefer the monarchy to stay out in the politics and remain neutral in expressing views and find means to support people on other ways. True that expressing your own views can give clarity to where you stand and the public sees you as a humane monarch however……there are some people who are scheming and they will take your emotional vulnerability to advance their agendas and some wears two face. As you can see the Queen practices the neutrality and impartiality so that is why she is able to maintain that stability and brings unity. There are some unnecessary things that doesn't need to expose to the public for the Royal family issues with Prince Harry and Meghan or keep on repeating the stories of Prince Charles' infidelity to Princess Diana. When remembering these issues it cause hate in some people in which these issues are already occur from the past and it doesn't affect or related in the current problems that the UK dealing with.
    The monach must be the sage and provide the wisdom and must focus on giving solution and action on the country's issues and attaining goals.

  4. I love the now King Charles . He has a human heart and understands the suffering of people like Palestinians. Even the queen I think was very aware of the issues affecting the world politically even through she could not express the publicly.

  5. Here they are now coming out to try to cover over and restrain and set the boundaries about what is appropriate

    Interesting that the very same people who say what is expected of him and should not get involved are the same people who are directly or indirectly involved in the support of oppressors and the suffering of millions

    It scary that people are willing to do nothing, say nothing and yet also stop others from doing and saying

    How backward and upside down you have become may your evil perish

  6. يبقى العرب متملق لدول المستعمره إلى أن يفني حياته انت محمود عباس ع صخام الوجه مكيف ورايح الانكلترا ليش هو منو اسس إسرائيل حتى انت ماخذ راحتك لو مهامك الموضوع

  7. who has the right to ask Isreal to divide the LAND GOD OF ABRAHAM GAVE THEM!!! NO ONE BUT GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF> if they want TRUE PEACE they will share this God given land with all their neighbors, for God so loved the WORLD that he gave His only begotten SON for everyone that believes in HIm, Jesus Crist superstar!!! Everyone WILL REPENT!!! God Bless and confess ALL YOUR SIN!!! Only Jesus will save you!!! You must have some wisdom and understanding of scripture and understand Satan is NOT THE DEVIL!!! He is a HOly Angel waiting to get out of Jail just like US!!! The penalty for SIN WILL BE DEATH!!! Amen, victory is IN CHRIST!!!

  8. As the now crowned King he has NO public view on any issue political issue both foreign or domestic. Any view he has will only be expressed in private if expressed at all. The last time the Jordanians had control of any religious sites in Israel they DENIED the Jews access to theirs so they should NEVER get to control any of them ever again because they are totally incapable of being impartial

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