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Can Kevin Holland push Khamat Chimaev for five rounds at UFC 279? | ESPN MMA

25 thoughts on “Can Kevin Holland push Khamat Chimaev for five rounds at UFC 279? | ESPN MMA

  1. Great work. Fight became a smoother night..
    Chiv vs Diaz.. very BLuudy… cant see boxing…
    Tony n Diaz.. great damaging. Lsss bluddy. Better boxing show. Not 1s n 2s.
    Chiv n holland.. great 2 styled fight…
    Holland. Went tk Khabiijb Camp…

  2. Huge drama show here,why no one says something about kevin and rodrigrez they fight usally also in 170.
    I the last few years how many guys have missed weight man aaaaalooot and never i have see that the people make such a drama.
    And another point.Nate says he is the real G he fights anyone anytime anywhere, but then because of 7,5pounds he don't want fight khamzat? WOW what a G haha.

  3. I have a feeling khamzaat will destroy holland with in 5 minutes .All that anger inside him , its not gonna go well with holland.All the pros have said khamzat is very dangerous around 180 pounds .

  4. And the doctor made him stop cutting with 10 or close to that hours left, he was fine, we know he was fine because we say him, and idiots like these guys, ‘YES MEN’ and stupid fans miss the point, blame Khamzat.


    He had time to easily lose those 7 lbs, not 8, 7 lbs wasn’t a title fight, he said this was normal for him, but what wasn’t normal was this doctor coming in telling to stop cutting weight.]

    He didn’t call the doctor for help, this was a standard check in, and the world worst doctor made him stop cutting. They didn’t call the doctor for help which is also what some idiots are thinking.

    I’m not saying the UFC set this up, but if no one else is responsible it’s the guy that made the healthy fighter stop doing what he has successfully done many times, and he listened to the doctor and then IDIOT fricken fest lashes out at him.

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