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Din Thomas expects a BARNBURNER from Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 | ESPN MMA

47 thoughts on “Din Thomas expects a BARNBURNER from Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 | ESPN MMA

  1. I hope Diaz Ferguson Li got PAYED which they deserve.. also chimaev never wanted to fight Nate, he will hurt holland bad and I’d give chimaev one fight for title then move to 185 costa

  2. What we can expect from Nate: Good clinch game pushing Tony against the cage- throwing pot shots and knees to the thigh and body. Sweep attempts if he is on bottom. Looking to counter and trying to look for openings/trying to make reads by pawing out his jab. Occasionally will throw a naked rear straight. What we can expect from Tony: Good defense. Patience. Trying to time a solid straight punch or two. Kicking. Takedown attempts. Reversal attempts. Looking to elbow off a clinch. Prediction: Tony will make Nate bleed. Fight could be stopped due to a bad cut or could go to decision. It's also entirely possible (if Nate brings his A game) that Nate can finish Tony. Should be a good scrap.

  3. Lmao, two old fighters who should both be put out to pasture! Only reason people are going to watch is for the blood! It's all going to be playing! Going to be boring!!!

  4. Hard to see where Tony has the advantage in any area. He can't box with Nate and they are both great on the ground. His only shot is elbows, blood, and dr stoppage.

  5. pu'zzi he was so scared of Khamzat that he has beeen creamfeeding him.. sure the jury is still out how Nate Diaz did it and if he has been cahoot with UFC doctor that was handling Khamzat..

    but no doubt about it, Nate Diaz has been creamfeeding Khamzat, so he missed the weight with 7½ pounds… that is unheard..

    // newermind, it wasn't Nate Diaz… its trending now. Khamzat got a breastmilk fetich and has been a frequent customer at the local "big ladies br0thel" in his stay in the US… there are some picture circulating with Khamzat in a diaper and all… sadly not allowed to link..

  6. Both my favorite and can't pick one to win… They lack a lot in their defensive abilities, and makes up for it through their high pace, pressure and rhythm. Not to mention grit, toughness, character, iron will and granite chins. If Tony still has a granite chin after his last fight and can pull the trigger, it's a 50/50… Tony hasn't used his elbows much lately and Nate gotten better during the clinches…

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