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Khamzat says he was told to stop cutting weight at 4am last night #UFC279

33 thoughts on “Khamzat says he was told to stop cutting weight at 4am last night #UFC279

  1. I have a friend on the inside. He told me Khamzat was diagnosed with the rare condition of tiramibubble. It's when the lactose in the tiramissu binds to the bubbles in the sparkling water and prevents you to make weight. It suck's. Not his fault.

  2. Only clowns would’ve believed that he really missed by unprecedented eight pounds and every single thing which were wrong about this card went clicked perfectly because of it. It was all planned and now they got what they wanted, Tony vs Nate and a heel Khamzat Chimaev.

  3. Absolute lies he doesn’t look drawn in and never did weighing in he came out gave the middle finger and said not that bad also was out for a meal the night before weigh ins he’s so unprofessional and look back at his fight on fight island where he held the towel to make weight

  4. Doctor ask him stop cutting weight, all fighters was ready to press conference "shown in embedded 5", no any videos for any fight or water bottles backstage as they claimed that's the reason why cancel the press conference, now they hating on khamzat.

  5. Yeah all rigged to get more ppv

    Khamzats smiling bro

    At least Dana is taking care of khamzat I don't care whatever money moves their making the fans believe to be true when it's all a facade to get more PPV

    Khamzat and nate are the top 2 most popular fighters bro…. khamzats obv gonna maul him……. it was fishy from the start

    Mma is just smart making money moves

    If you look at the stats with khamzat and Kevin they're identical

    MMA are the money geniuses to make the people nate nate and khamzat would fight lol



    TODAYS THE DAY baby lets go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If he's really that dumb that he hasn't worked out his body yet!! At that level, there's no telling him, he could have got fight of the night in the headline fight ffs !! But no …he'd rather be stupid…. was a fan but my tolerance of idiots is almost 0 now…sorry dude but your Never going to be the best or a goat having a child's mentality….

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