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What’s next for Tony Ferguson after losing to Nate Diaz? | UFC 279 Post Show

44 thoughts on “What’s next for Tony Ferguson after losing to Nate Diaz? | UFC 279 Post Show

  1. I believe Tony can bring it back. He wasn’t supposed to fight Nate. 24 hour noticed training for a different opponent. Tony is a beast, and with just a little push I think he will go on a win streak again.

  2. He is done for he needs to stop calling out people like Khabib and McNuggets, they would wipe the floor with him even if he goes to 155 he won't beat the likes of poirer, justin, islam, olivera, dariush, chandler etc…….

  3. I mean he’s not that old tho but we all age at different rates and clearly seems Tony has had his run based off what everyone is saying. Joe should sit down and have “the talk” with him like he did for other fighters in denial

  4. What next– keep losing and keep chasing Khabib fights. He lost against most of the fighters dominated by Khabib. His delusion will grow but he is still a fan favorite. His fans will keep him alive in the UFC.

  5. This clip will be great for a come back story. We all love tony an want him to win it just doesn't look good. He shouldn't of changed anything after losing to gaychi. I bet people now study his full training sessions an yea that's not good. A bit like after Cruz fight style got figured out

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