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32 thoughts on “The Climate Change Activists Who Are Vandalizing Famous Paintings

  1. Pouring food stuffs over glass and getting the entire world to notice is absolute genius. All that’s happened is someone has had to wipe some soup off a picture frame. I genuinely can’t think of a quicker way of gaining global notoriety and putting your message out there.
    When Fox News etc reports it to their idiot viewers as if the paintings are damaged forever it only helps. 😂

  2. "You can wipe out an entire generation, you can burn their homes to the ground and somehow they'll still find their way back. But if you destroy their history, you destroy their achievements and it's as if they never existed." -Frank Stokes

    The way Van Gogh commanded color, the way he took his life of torment, and depression to manifest the raw beauty of the world around him is why he will be one of the greatest painters of human history.

    During WWII many invaluable paintings were lost to arson by the Nazi's, including Van Gogh's self portrait in May of 1945. In desperation over 4000 other timeless works of art were destroyed by a diminished Nazi regime.

    Throwing heinz soup on an invaluable piece of said human history (that survived the atrocities of world war) regardless of how justified your protest is…

  3. Gettys are avid Art Collectors! And also basically Family with Nancy Pelosi. Now ART is being destroyed! What have the Getty's been up to Buyng this priceless ART? Was this ART they were Out-Bid on at Auction? Are they REALLY "Climate" activists seeing how they own one of the largest Oil Companies in the World? Or did these "Activists" KNOW Getty's Oil and Fine Art collector reputation? Was destroying ART a sense of revenge in their minds?

    These Corrupt Billionaires launder BILLIONS through Fine Art Sales. Was ART the target because these activist know ART Sales is a complete Tax Evading farce?

  4. A seagull snatched a hamburger out of my hand just as I unwrapped it on circular Quay in Sydney, it literally bit it in half and scoffed it down as it was flying. I wasn't even sitting down I'd just walked out of the shop. There's places around near the water that have signs in the window saying that if the birds steal your food the shop is not responsible for replacing it, that's how bad it's got. My kids got sick of being harassed by the birds and started "giving" them chips, they'd dip the chip in tomato sauce and pelt them at the birds leaving red sauce dots on their white feathers pretending they were assassinating them.

    Seagulls are nothing, you should look up the Australian white ibis, or the "bin chicken" as they're affectionately called. The things have become so we'll known for their thieving ways they have their own merchandise including books, t-shirts, short films, cartoons, art etc. You can buy "bin chicken" story children's books in Kmart here.

  5. These two are dense as stone lol. “Go clean up a beach”…lmao would anyone notice that?

    Whether you agree with their cause or methodology, you can’t argue they should just go clean up a beach.

  6. Joe, I have been watching your videos for years. You are in the group I call my Big Six of the people I listen to daily. Jordan Peterson, Thomas Sowell, Candace Owens, Dave Rubin, and Ben Shapiro are the others. But I am going to have to consider making it the Big Seven because a young African born, British raised woman named Patience Xina (who is also a fan of yours and mentions you in her videos…!) is such a delight to watch! She is smart, articulate, thoughtful and so dang likable! She’s gaining attention at neck breaking speed and one of the Big Six is bound to interview her SOON! It might as well be you! Again, she’s already a fan of yours!

    Here is one of her very recent videos that is becoming an overnight success

  7. And yet, oil use will continue because we have no choice, I wish someone of import would make that fact go viral. This problem won't begin to get solved for another 50 years of we're lucky. A bunch of the world is still working on getting people running water still. Green cars are a century away from them still, if ever.

  8. Who says these activists are real activists? If they're funded by the "problem" itself, they're not activists, they're just ppl who are paid to be activists for a bit. What good comes out to the ones who are benefiting from oil? Well you manipulate the narrative that activists are inadequate, hence nobody will care when real activists are gonna be pointing to the problem, to the ones who benefit from oil and don't care about climate change. So you pay to manipulate the narrative to your benefit.

  9. I don’t eat animals but this climate emergency is a lie! It’s to keep you under control, no travel, control what you buy, where you go, smart cities are being built now! Everyone needs to stand up to this crap.

  10. Love the climate change “context” warning before you post a comment. I hadn’t realized it was “mostly man made” now. Anyways, if a person on the ‘right’ vandalized something, I imagine it would be called an act of violence and replayed ad nauseam on MSM.

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