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Car Problems, a Chael Sonnen story…

22 thoughts on “Car Problems, a Chael Sonnen story…

  1. Frustrating for sure, but the 5% means "oil life" not amount. Regardless you definitely have every right to be pissed. The dealers techs usually work on commission so your oil change is considered like a warranty fix. They don't make money warranty work. The oil change is probably not done by a certified tech but the dealer doesn't see the money for your oil change, car service and loaner.

  2. I feel ya to my core Unc. Paid double rent this month then a week later my air intake tube in my car came detached (wear and tear) unexpectedly last Monday so I had to pay another 1100 for that. Talk about a rough October lol

  3. How the fuck is a new car out of oil? Manually check the level and then add oil yourself if needed. That's my recommendation. But if it's less than 5% remaining then there are much bigger problems.

  4. It's called a car dealer SOP they make the sale and crap on you always and lie. John l Sullivan bought cat for 100k brand new hard a dent they did…. Nothing except lie and make no repair. Love those car dealers.

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