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Chandler vs Poirier is 3 rounds, does that change your opinion on who will win?

50 thoughts on “Chandler vs Poirier is 3 rounds, does that change your opinion on who will win?

  1. I got Chandler in this one. I really don’t see him going out to have any more barn burners. This guy wants to be champion and there’s a clear cut way to a title. I see this guy wrestling Poirier down if things get hairy in there on the feet and just wearing him out. I feel like the winner of this fight gets the shot after Islam vs Volkanovski or fights the winner of Oliviera vs Dariush for an interim title if Volkanovski wins. I see them doing an interim title fight for Allen vs Emmett if Cejudo beats Sterling. Then you have Volkanovski vs Cejudo. And finally they do O’Malley vs Vera 2 for an interim strap. I predict a lot of Champions being crowned next year

  2. Chandler is more powerful in the striking and more powerful with the grappling- I see a 10- 8 Chandler first round a toss up in round two- give it 10- 9 Dustin and a 10 -9 grappling third for 29-27 win for Chandler!

  3. Dustin.. sone power in his boxing…
    Stuck in the gym..
    Hard boxing for Conor, ended too soon.
    Dustin needs that 25 mins of boxing Chandler!!
    Chandler Sneaky to wiin… all rounded…

  4. I think Chandler will go 5 easier than Porier but that being said this fight smells like Chandler v Justin. I don't know is kinda of a toss up when the two hit hard as hell and both of them ate durable. They can take each other out with their striking but I also think that if Chandler gets a good take down with at least 2 minutes left in a round then I think Chandler either finishes with punches or a sub which I highly doubt.
    I think Dustin might just lure Chandler into a phone booth fight and catches Chandler and he finishes from there but I only see him doing that late in the first or the second round. This fight is a toss up in my opinion but I think is going to be a bunkers!

  5. Shorter fight absolutely favors Chandler. Doesn't mean it makes him the FAVORITE… but it favors him. He starts fast, and has the capacity to score points with takedowns in a shorter fight that won't give DP a chance to catch up via standup. Again, not even predicting a winner here… but Chandler benefits from 3 rounds, absolutely.

  6. Sometimes I’m not sure if I get Chael’s point but then he says ‘you get my point though’ and I nod and realise I do indeed get his point, undefeated

  7. Fights this big should never be 3 rounds.
    I feel like if both fighters are in the top 5 or have both fought for belts (barring them being in their twilight), you kinda need to make it 5 rounds.

  8. More importantly does it mean anything? I don't know what you do to make the lightweight div interesting again. Of course, we want to see Islam fight the big names, but do they really want to fight him? Everyone including Islam is insinuating they want to move to 170. Man, that's going to be one star crowded div before long and Islam vs Volk my take, it's the biggest hoax since Kimbo Slice though of a different type. It's getting two names together for a big fight that anyone with a brain knows can't possibly be a fight. A guy who's struggles very close decisions many thought were wrong in his last showings vs a guy that just ran through a world beater in a heavier division? No, that fight for me is not interesting. If it makes Islam some money good. He's earned it but I won't pay to watch it

  9. i adore you chael i really do! no disrespect but you are wrong brother! you are a far better fighter than i am on the playstation let alone real life! but islams toughest fight by far is dariush! you aint by any means stupid for suggesting chandler, that its just opinions. but, my opinion is you are super wrong and islam would destroy chandler! benny d though thats interesting

  10. Three rounds benefit Michael Chandler style more.

    Chandler likes to start fights fast but in many fights he tends to slows down some due to energy he puts out in the first 5 minutes

  11. Dustin Porier is the better fighter and SHOULD win but, the thing with Michael Chandler is you never know when he's going to explode. It could happen out during the distance measurement, instantly, or while he's getting beat and he can knockout ANYONE with the explosion speed/power. I'm going for the Diamond but it's going to be a great fight and I hope neither get hurt. Two nice guys in the hurt business against one another.

  12. I feel like Chandler is going to be a lot smarter and not endlessly trade with Dustin unless he wants to get finished inside two. I genuinely think Chandler may get the decision here, lots of people writing him off. Love both of these guys.

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