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Albanian drug gangs paying for migrants to cross English Channel – BBC News

28 thoughts on “Albanian drug gangs paying for migrants to cross English Channel – BBC News

  1. Well they won't be here for long as we don't want them here we need to protect our boarders as this is a invasion.. they are not at risk in there own country they all need to be sent back …

  2. Am I the only one who feels like when these rubber boats full of Albanian jokers hit our shores, it should be like the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan?

  3. Lets suppose that everything BBC saying its true .
    Where is ur investigations based at?
    Everyone in UK knows who's behind the trafficking immigrants but they did nothing for 100 years. You allowed that urself . About drugs and gang and bang for fuck sake Albanians getting blamed are u serious? In each area in UK everywhere even in small villages there are drugs activities going on.
    You really believe by Albanians?
    Everyone in UK knows much better who it is.
    Im not saying that we are clean and out of this. Yes we might be part of that but majority of the people who was used for this shit are doing sentence. Dear British citizens I do respect all of u but not ur goverment because for ages they didn't speak like this for Malis or turks or jamaicans no offens.

  4. I was in the pub last night talking about this to a another guy and within 3 minutes two young girls who work there came over to us and told us to leave the pub after we had finished our drinks. I downed my pint and was gone in seconds.

  5. A BBC investigation lol…..

    The BBC are as corrupt as the ones they are so called – investigating !

    Believe anything the MSM report, especially the BBC, you seriously need help.

  6. Keep them coming , the UK welcomes migrants from all over the world. There's an abundance of spare cash here, it's money no object. Hotels, benefits, plenty of food ect but not it seems for the UK's British population where many are surviving by food bank handouts..

  7. That's politics and media for you they turn I mine into the atomic bomb 🤣 and the small boats they look more terrible than the vikings one , just get I grip and deal with it you not the only country in the world.

  8. I’m Albanian and I live in England about 10 years now.I’m married a British girl and we have a son 4 years old.Albania is a beautiful country with a lot of corrupt politicians..Last 5-7 years it’s been really worst the situation for us.England is the best place in Europe with the best people so that’s why Albanian choose England..Thank u England for all the good things u are helping the Albanian people and the rest of the immigrants ❤❤

  9. Our government has allowed this to happen and in the process they have created a huge law and order problem .
    On the part of our politicians there is no will to correct the problem .
    I have been listening to news about this serious issue for weeks now .
    It is quite a revelation when even the usually complacent BBC are reporting on what many people already know .
    One would hope at last that our politicians and the usually complacent bbc/itv media realise the concerns of ordinary people in this country .
    Why in this country have our government spent vast sums of money housing illegal migrants in hotels up and down the country ? This has to stop .
    There are thousands of homeless British people living on city streets up and down the country . Why don't they have access to hotel accommodation? Why don't they have access to human rights Lawers ?
    It seems that our government hide behind the fact that they are committing human rights abuses against homeless British people .
    According to human rights campaigners the two basic human rights we all should enjoy is food and drink in our bellies and a roof over our heads .
    In fact some years ago it was declared by one of these human rights charities that homeless British people where having their human rights abused .
    As a country our politicians have created too many incentives for illegal economic migration . Sadly I don't think our major political parties will ever get to grips with this very bad situation .
    Our government has to take drastic action . They need to stop giving illegal migrants access to hotel accommodation and they need to increase the amount of staff to process claiments . The government also need to stop foreign criminels having access to human rights Lawers . They the criminals are human rights abuses .
    I hope this migrant crises is one day resolved .

  10. Is this the same country that went around the world enslaving and destroying other cultures, looting resources in the name of the kingdom. Did they report that or do you teach that in your schools? You have a despicable past that you wish to forget!!!

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