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Donald Trump drops strong hint about 2024 US presidential run – BBC News

36 thoughts on “Donald Trump drops strong hint about 2024 US presidential run – BBC News

  1. Rules don´t apply to the very rich in the USA. As a European I´m very happy I don´t have to live in such a corrupt country.

    There is no better proof for the fact that the USA is not a real democracy
    but a sham democracy and in fact an oligarchy
    than the fact that the criminal constantly lying antidemocrat and billionaire Trump is not in prison.

    Trump tried to install himself as a dictator on January 6th in the U.S. oligarchy
    – the oligarchy stopped his attempt to install himself as a dictator
    but it also stopped his imprisonment for this crime
    because Trump served and will serve the billionaires´ financial interests in the future

    – in contrast to all Americans who don´t have billions of dollars
    and therefore would be in prison for many years
    if they had done what Trump has been doing for decades……

  2. Jesus was hanged and killed by spying by Jews as the faith of Christian German Hitler who killed 6 million Jews in holocaust and in the name of taking revenge they will start killing to Jews in USA. USA will be the next Germany for the Jews and Trump will be the Hitler of USA. Liar and Arrogant Trump policy of no war for Israel and do not destroy USA money for the security of Israel cancer for world and middle east created by British and looking after by slave American president. American home domestic terrorist destroying the 220 years American democracy all over the world.

  3. Small Angels help in group of 7, work in graphics to support blessings… so they love 7, and live in each of 7… kurd-gypsy fight for Freedom next after taken into bioflor or soul slavery  Buhara… Pandora and her plenty doubts late decision game and her afterwards… let go into bioflor… fairyfairytale…

  4. Only the brilliant, Roman Catholic the ONLY true faith, genetically-superior Hispanic author of The Green New Deal AOC, legally-elected president Joe Biden, and stand with and will protect consumers from inflation causing criminal corporate landlords, oil and food barons; Democrats. Will protect consumers from criminal corporations that have crushed all competitors so that a small number of companies inflate the prices of rents, fuel and food. Can prevent the Mississippi River and the Colorado Rivers from drying up and disappearing completely. Which if these rivers are allowed to run dry; turns its entire mass-murd*ring-domestic and international-terr0rist piece of $hit trump country America AmurderKKKlana; into a lifeless wasteland.

    … The evidence is overwhelming!
    Trump should not be held above the law!
    Criminal acts deserves prosecution! PROSECUTE!!!

    Republicans Against Trump!
    Republicans for the Rule of Law!
    Republicans for Country! NOT Party!
    Trump needs to be in prison, no office.

  6. List five things the the best jobs creating president in American history has done that it disagrees with? Did legally-elected president Joe Biden cause the Mississippi River and Colorado Rivers to dry up? Or did Satan-worshiping-EVILgelicals, AOC removed the word abortion from the KKKible, Republicabortions do that? Did legally-elected president Joe Biden illegally withhold Javelin Missiles approved by congress for Ukraine; answer yes or no?

  7. Does it believe legally elected president Joe Biden: caused the bird-flu, invaded Ukraine, dried up the Mississippi and Colorado Rivers, caused the CAT6 hurricane Donald that will slam into Floriduh in the year 2024, or stole the election from Al gore? Who would have us all driving electric KKKars today? If it does not know the causes of inflation and just blames Democrat it is unfit to lead and unable to solve any of our most pressing problems; runaway-AGW-denier election-denier.

  8. Trump has too much garbage in his background and too much baggage to be running for president. Republicans know this, and it will become pretty obvious in this election if the Republicans get trounced.

  9. The de-evolved, non-human-corrupted-DNA result of 500 years of inbreeding-depression of runaway-AGW-denying garbage "convict-colony" genetic-sewage. Does not have the intelligence or moral authority to tell anyone what is or is not: an embryo, a baby, murder, or determine the mental fitness of legally-elected president Joe Biden.

  10. What things has legally-elected presi-decent Joe Biden done that it disapproves of??? List five. Invoking the Defense Production Act to make and bring down the cost of electric car conversion kits? Creating too many jobs? Cutting prescription drug costs? Limiting the cost of insulin to $35 a month? Addressing AGW with The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022? Investing in American infrastructure? What things???

  11. 1 of 3 Wall Street greed is insatiable and will continue to overcharge and take advantage of consumers beyond supply chain and business costs increases; criminally increasing inflation. Because its filthy wh!te skinned garbage capitalist [email protected] has consolidated the gasoline deatholine and food industries so that there is no competition.

  12. Does it accept the science and evidence all around it of all our extinction by the year 2060 due to catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW]; yes or no Republican Republicabortion?

  13. A true looser! A crook who never gives in and blames others, until nobody believes him!

    “Don’t store up your treasures on earth…. “ spoken by a man I love and admire, who I will always follow and is the ultimate winner!

    That is not you trump, “ by your fruits you shall know them” You are the type of man who would steal an apple from a poor fruit vendor and then sue him for not having quality apples!

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