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Ken Shamrock on The Rock Hitting Him in the Face with a Metal Chair (Part 8)

49 thoughts on “Ken Shamrock on The Rock Hitting Him in the Face with a Metal Chair (Part 8)

  1. Ken Shamrock, I remember when he initially took that chair shot live and I'm like, "whoa, Shamrock is psycho, he purposely took a free chair shot from the Rock, dang knocked him out". That magic was just too good, WWE cut contact out of that video. Yeah, Shamrock "really" took that chair shot to the face by the Rock.

  2. I hate to say it but without Ken Shamrock that would be no Dwayne Johnson in the WWE because when you look at how The Rock's career turned out I could say can Shamrock have much of a bigger role than Stone Cold Steve Austin

  3. Aww😆 the Fo-head shot. I got that trick from that big headed actor "Brian Dennehy" in that bare knuckle movie- Gladiator. So of course I had to try it in a fight. A sociopath I faught was doing the windmill "non stop waterboy style". So I stopped his fist with my fo'head. Split my wig but broke his hand… it worked 🤷🏾‍♂️ who knew. Molly whopped him after that.

  4. Ken is DAMN LUCKy to look so healthy and even articulate for someone who has been through so much physical damage for decades… thank god he didnt develop cte or a bunch of other things

  5. I was never a huge fan of ken shamrock but always respected him. I didnt not like him he just wasnt a favourite pick, I always liked him tho and as I got older and learned his life story grew to like him more n more. Now in the las few years I'm def a fan, love the guys story/career, work ethic like few others.

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