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EPIC Video in BORING LOCATIONS – 7 Tips for Getting CINEMATIC FOOTAGE anywhere

7 Tips for Getting CINEMATIC FOOTAGE

What Can You Do When You Don’t Have Access to Epic Locations?

Getting epic shots in epic locations is often ideal, but not everyone has the same opportunities to travel and visit these places. But there are still ways to make the most of any location and create amazing shots.

Tips for Getting Cinematic Footage Anywhere

  • Angles are Everything: Going low to the ground can instantly transform a scene and remove distracting elements. Shooting from the top down can also add interest. Handheld shots can capture movements that aren’t possible with a gimbal.
  • Lighting: Softening the sun with a 5-in-1 reflector diffuser will help to give a more balanced exposure to the background. Artificial light can create a natural-looking shot.
  • Lens Choice: Prime lenses are best when trying to knock out a background by blurring out distractions. A 35mm lens is a great all-purpose focal length.
  • Depth: Moving the camera to the side will help to create depth in the image. Using a foreground element can also add movement and depth.
  • Details: Focusing on close-ups can help to connect shots and fill b-roll.
  • Grading: Don’t be afraid to mess around with the colors. You don’t have to settle for a natural look.


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MODEL1: Marijke Bezuidenhout
MODEL2: Stacy Gossayn
BTS1: André Mostert
BTS2: Louw Lemmer
GIPS: Berno Smit & Richard Schnitter Denzil Sourlis

34 thoughts on “EPIC Video in BORING LOCATIONS – 7 Tips for Getting CINEMATIC FOOTAGE anywhere

  1. this video earned my subscription! wonderful job, the way you explain, how fast you do it, how concise and the amount of info you compress into your videos is outstanding! great job!

  2. Hi! Ek het op jou kanaal afgekom en sommer DADELIK geweet jys Suid Afrikaans!!! Ek's 'n jong vidgrapher wat film studeer, en toe ek DIE video sien, was dit net so amazing! O en die locations is Pretoria Oos reg?😂😂

  3. Peoples garden's are epic, just replacing certain types of locations with others doesn't indicate that it's adjusting something that was boring, gardens are detailed in their minutia by their owners, though in some sense you've let a 3rd party make a more local area feel more epic. The main thing a garden lacks is a feel rugged danger to the environment, since you don't want to be slicing open your hands while pruning your plants, no problem with epic. Shot framing is valid no matter where you are, you're just given more space in the wild. Still like working on cinematic footage, just don't agree with the terminology

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