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Panasonic S5 II Review: Tons of Value

Review of the Panasonic LUMIX S5 II, a camera that offers incredible value. Discussing autofocus, dynamic range, rolling shutter, etc.

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Does the Panasonic LUMIX S5 II Deliver?

The Panasonic LUMIX S5 II is an advanced full-frame mirrorless camera that offers an impressive range of features that make it ideal for both novice and experienced photographers. It boasts a 24MP full-frame image sensor, a high-speed autofocus system, and a 5-axis in-body image stabilization system. In addition, it has dual UHS-II SD card slots, a vari-angle touchscreen LCD, and 4K UHD video recording capabilities.

What is the Image Quality Like?

The Panasonic LUMIX S5 II produces excellent image quality. It has an impressive dynamic range and good noise handling, even at higher ISO levels. In addition, it has a fast autofocus system that offers accurate and reliable tracking of moving subjects.

What Other Features Does The Panasonic LUMIX S5 II Offer?

The Panasonic LUMIX S5 II offers a wide range of other features, including a Bluetooth connection, built-in Wi-Fi, and a built-in flash. It also has a dust- and splash-proof design, which makes it a great choice for outdoor photographers.

Is the Panasonic LUMIX S5 II Worth It?

The Panasonic LUMIX S5 II is an excellent camera that offers a wide range of features and excellent image quality. It is a superb choice for both novice and experienced photographers, and it is certainly worth the money.


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39 thoughts on “Panasonic S5 II Review: Tons of Value

  1. UPDATE: Regarding the HDMI lag, there is an option in the menu to turn off "Sound Output (HDMI)". Doing so will prevent audio from going to the external device, but will significantly improve the delay issue. Night and day difference. Not ideal as I actually want audio, but might help some users who are only monitoring and not recording externally.

  2. How can this camera be better than FX3 at $2000? Apart from the super high iso performance and rolling shutter. I hope Sony upgrade the FX3 with much more features. If possible internal ND if not i really want open gate and maybe better oversampled image.

  3. Worth noting….no phase detect AF in Full Frame 60p (it switches back to contrast AF). If you want 60p with phase AF you have no other choice but to crop to APSC. I haven't seen anyone on YouTube mention this yet. Might be worth mentioning to your contacts at Panasonic….

  4. Hey Gerald – Ive recently found an issue with the S5ii that has been confirmed by Nick Driftwood & Dan Hopkins from the Lumix engineers. The S5ii switches to Contrast detect in HD50 mode which is annoying as that's what I use. Did you notice this during your test – If not could you check it out and please explain why they would keep this quiet and possibly the technical reasons this could be the case and maybe report to them fro a fix?

  5. Is the prores and all intra in the s5iix completely worth waiting for over the h264/265 in the s5ii? I’m mostly interested in the quality of the acquisition between the codecs versus editing advantages.

  6. Wow. You really got me excited about this one. I really didn't expect to be this impressed by anything outside the Sony realm. I'm curious about that X version as the main things I don't love about my Sonys are rolling shutter and the compression when recording internally.

  7. The question now is, im currently in the market for 2 bodies that will be rentable for ppl renting my studio and I am stuck between the A7IV, S5II and R6 II. I suspect the cameras will see 80% studio photography and 20% video. I just CANT decide :/ Help me Obi-Gerald Kenobi, you are my only hope 😛

  8. For me it's almost ideal camera 📸 if only had wireless remote control for solo content creators like me who stay away from the camera 📸. I like my small and pocket wireless remote control for my aged Canon M50.

  9. My main concern is the fact it's still 24mp like their mk1. This mk2 is basically a videocentric camera with better af. It's great if you are video focused but I'm more of photography guy. This and the lack of native lenses makes it a non-starter for me. I don't get why they did not up the mp for the mk2 version of this. Weird. Isn't panny aware of sony a7iv? Even sony upped the sensor size by almost 30% to 33mp. ps. isn't it true that panny 4k60 is cropped. huh.

  10. I'm so proud of Panasonic. Best value entry level camera was the G7 which I bought in 2017 and still use it to this day and it was realeased in 2015. We now have this, the best value FF mirrorless (or camera since my little dinosaur dslrs are dead). Truly incredible. Great video as always!

  11. Excellent review as always. You said it doesn’t have much in the way of timecode capabilities. Does it have any timecode capability? To my knowledge the BM PCC 4K is the lowest price video camera with a timecode port.

  12. Sony A7 IV is an excellent camera.
    But I can't choose between Panasonic S5IIx and… Canon R6 II, mostly excellent Camera.
    Canon R6 II has FV mode (no need to use PASM anymore.
    Canon R6 II proposes 4K60 without crop
    Canon R6 II accepts cheaper and lighter lenses (second hand market is more important).
    Canon R6 II has an excellent IBIS too
    Canon R6 II color science is wonderful
    I regret mini-HDMI but it's not so important.
    Canon R6 II is too expensive! Especially in Europe 2899 €

  13. HDMI mode is trash!!no info on main display etc..
    I'm gh6 25-50 1,7combo daily user, caged with top handle and 5"screen running everything on V-mount battery, and I hate that when you connect it to the screen you basically can't operate the camera, if client like hey can you show me or delete something and im like, I'll do it at home…. Nothing like that with gh5 or gh5ii. Panasonic hey 👋👋👋 good cameras , fix HDMI output mode!! S5ii looks good to replace my Gimbal setup with [email protected] f1.4

  14. Great video. I always love watching them, plus I am Canadian as well so I want to support you 🙂

    Question to you Gerald or anyone else for that matter. I mostly take photos right now, but eventually, I want to learn the video side and be 75% video and 25% photo. which would be a better camera S5II or A7IV? I feel both cameras will do what I need, but the S5II will allow me to grow more than the A7IV.

    What are your thoughts and why?

    Thanks and keep the videos coming 🙂

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